This man worked 2 full-time jobs and made $211K a year

Davrick Hayes was clocking in 16 hours a day, but said it wasn’t a lot of work.

At the height of my double dipping career, I was making $211,200 a year — more than I ever imagined for myself.

My first QA job in North Dakota kept me busy, but I had plenty of free time since it was at the height of the lockdowns

When the second job hired me, I worked full time at both companies for about five months. After my first contract ended in February 2022, I picked up another job at First Republic Bank.

I told them, « I’ll be working two jobs, but it’s not going to impact my work. Â»

It was a heavy workload, but manageable since my QA role at GreatAmerica was a hybrid role with some automation and manual testing.

At First Republic Bank, I focused on automation.

The heavy lifting was in the first stretch, during the initial setup of my bank job.

After that, I just needed to monitor the program regularly to ensure everything ran smoothly and tweak as needed.

The only struggle I ran into was scheduling meetings, which I sometimes had to juggle, but I always logged eight hours for each job.

It doesn’t take as much time as you think, with automation.

After that, I might’ve run a two-hour automation; simply monitoring it to ensure it’s running smoothly.

Because QAs work within teams, some days can have very light workloads, which makes it easy to multitask.

This didn’t matter as much in the pandemic, but after both my contracts ended this year, I’m enjoying more work-life balance.

Great America dissolved my team in January and I was laid off from First Republic in February because the bank failed.

I was super stressed about my finances because I had just closed on a house and didn’t expect to lose both jobs within a month.

At the end of March I found another role as a QA automation engineer and I’m enjoying more work-life balance with just this one job.

after double dipping for about two years, I’m earning well enough that I no longer need to work two full-time jobs

Intéressant mais très marginal puisque tu prends l’exception par excellence : un automaticien de test.
Pour doubler ce job sans s’épuiser, il faut être bon testeur (peu complexe) ET bon dev (plus complexe)

Je connais très bien le testing, et il y en a beaucoup (BEAUCOUP) qui ne sont déjà pas au niveau dans le seul job de testeur fonctionnel…

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